Quit Smoking Marijuana

You’ve made the decision… Now it’s time to quit smoking marijuana… What will happen to you?!?!?

You’ve come this far. You have made the decision to stop smoking marijuana, and you know that the decision feels right. In fact, it’s downright empowering to be listening to your deep inner voice, rather than your nagging brain. As we discussed earlier, you are about to seriously piss off your brain, which is expecting you to fulfill your daily routine and gratify its need for repetition. Lucky for you, your deep inner voice is where your true strength comes from, and your nagging brain will be no match.

So what’s next you ask? Well, hold on a second there Tiger, we haven’t even talked about how you’re going to pull this off. Before you go one hour without getting stoned as per normal, we need to do some stuff. You want to give yourself the best chance to quit marijuana, so preparation is everything.

Set a date to quit marijuana. I don’t care how cliché it sounds! Choose a quit date that makes sense to you. For a lot of people a Friday is a good day because it leaves the weekend clear to make up whatever schedule you need in order to start your new routine. Don’t worry, your Friday and Saturday nights won’t be ruined forever. Once you have a firm date in mind, you can begin to plan out the days surrounding your quit marijuana date.

Plan your first day of sobriety. You must plan out your first few days of being weed free. There is just no way you can create a vaccum in your daily routine without planning activities and avoiding your normal weed smoking times, places, and people. But, rather than thinking of these things you need to avoid as a loss, focus on all of the time and opportunities you have just opened yourself up to! Truly, this first day is going to set the stage for a new you

If you normally "wake and bake" then your planned out schedule of activities needs to start the moment you open up your eyes. If you normally sleep in until 10am, set an alarm and get up early. Do something different. Schedule a breakfast with a friend you haven’t made time for in a while. Go running in the park. Plan a hike with friends and leave early. Go swimming at the community center and be there waiting for the doors to open in the morning. I am not going to list off a bunch of random ideas here, you have to make your own list, but make sure that first day is filled with exercise, activities, and people who you don’t smoke weed with normally.

Nighttime can be a little tougher to deal with. You’re home and left up to your own devices for that last hour or two before bed. So, you’re going to have to get creative. I remember going to the grocery store and buying ingredients at 10pm at night, returning home, making veggie chili, freezing it in containers for the next week, and then going to bed exhausted. That’s just me though, you need to think of something that will work for you.

If you "can’t" fall asleep at night with a bedtime joint, then you need to take steps to prepare for that. Go to your drugstore/pharmacy and get Melatonin. Ask the Pharmacist how much you should take to start, and if you still can’t fall asleep. Melatonin is a naturally occurring compound already found in the human body…. Melatonin, or N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, is safe to use and shouldn’t make you drowsy in the morning. Consult your pharmacist or physician if you have questions or are on other medication.

QWAS Activity #1: Purge! If you’ve been smoking weed for a few years or more, then I am willing to bet that you have accumulated a healthy stash of novelty rolling papers, bongs, one-hits, hash pipes, little ornamental stash boxes, lighters and other various and incendiary paraphernalia. You’re deep inner voice is going to love this first step, and your nagging brain is going to find it quite dubious indeed. Take all the marijuana smoking stuff and throw it in a dumpster. My suggestion is not to give it away, or store it, or throw it out in your own garbage. Take it all to a dumpster, open the lid and toss everything. I remember doing this many years ago (10+) and it truly represented the cementing of my resolve to quit smoking marijuana for good.

marijuana paraphernelia

QWAS Activity #2: Run for Your Life! The last thing you need is idle time on your hands to contemplate the thought of hitting a bong, pipe or joint. I’m going to tell you what worked for me, and you can take it or leave it, or even substitute another activity. Running! As soon as I found myself with an hour or more to spare with nothing to do but listen to my brain make suggestions that involved finding that dumpster and digging out all my old toys, I went running.

Now, let me tell about the beauty of running. All you need is good running shoes and a door. Put them on… step outside… no planning or appointment needed. But the benefits of running don’t stop there. Once you come home from your run, you need to take a shower and you are tired and you have dirty laundry. So, right there you have just used up probably an hour or more, and you actually feel physically tired, and probably hungry. And even better, you just remind yourself that you are probably more out of shape that you want to be. So, run that extra two blocks next time and cough up some more tar.

When you replace your feelings of cravings and jonesing with a brisk walk or a run, you are actually weakening the brains ability to confirm that connection in the brain. that means that next time, the urge to smoke will be that much weaker, and getting out the door for your 1/2 hour run that much easier.

Rinse and repeat. In the first month I quit smoking marijuana, I probably went running 100 times. no joke. And you know what? I started to feel really good about myself and never relapsed.


QWAS Activity #3: New Work. Immerse yourself in new work. Take guitar lessons, enroll in a continuing ed art class ( I took oil painting), join an indoor soccer team. Again, I can’t guess what sparks your interest, but there is something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t done because your weed habit was too all-consuming. Now is the time to pursue that interest. In addition to running when just can fill the time with something structured, new work will inspire your imagination and make you feel productive.

QWAS Activity #4: Praise for Yourself. It is just far too easy and far too common to allow the brain to indulge in self-hatred. Your decision to quit smoking marijuana was a major turning point in your life, and positive change everyone around you will notice. Tell yourself that you are strong. Tell yourself that you are getting healthier. Tell yourself that your new interests make you a happier and better person. Most importantly, tell yourself that "what you are doing is enough". Sound like Daily Affirmations from Saturday Night Live? Maybe, just remember to be kind to yourself.

When you hear your brain offering up negative thoughts about yourself, whether it is about the way you look, the way you behave, or whatever… STOP. Take note of what your brain is telling you, and interrupt. Replace those negative thoughts with your affirmations. Focus on good thoughts for about 90 seconds and continue on with your day. By doing this, you are physically rewiring your brains pathways for repetitive negative thoughts and replacing with good ones. If you can keep it up for 6 months – presto – you should notice a remarkable change in how you think about yourself.

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