Stop Smoking Weed

Smoking weed everyday is holding you back. It’s that simple. Stop Smoking weed. Start really enjoying life.

Ok. You’re at the beginning. So far you’ve made as far as doing an internet search, which got you to this website.

Now I suggest you keep reading, and answer a few key questions which will help put your addiction to marijuana in perspective and identify your individual pot problem.

But first, I want to make sure you understand some important things about us here at

1 We are not affiliated with any government or religious organization.

2 We are not anti-pot, and actually believe strongly that marijuana should be legalized, as should hemp for industry, but that’s a whole other discussion. Again, we are not anti-marijuana.

3 We are here to help people who want to stop smoking weed. So, we are here because there is a need, and because for many people, pot smoking becomes a serious problem, and most people – good people – do not know where to turn for marijuana addiction treatment.

4 We recognize that everyone is different, which means that every pot-smoker is different. I know plenty of people that smoke a joint here or there on vacations, at parties, or on the weekends occasionally. They don’t really have a problem. For others, weed becomes a crutch or an escape, and gradually ends up dominating daily life, which can end up being really destructive in a lot of ways. Even still for others, weed is a daily activity, and doesn’t significantly diminish their quality of life enough for them to have the desire to change anything. Fine. All we care about is you. You’re here because you need to change, you need to quit weed and you need help. You’ve come to the right place if you want to quit smoking weed.

Let’s begin by identifying a few things. Ask yourself this question:

"How did I start smoking pot?"

Now, Identify where you were, who you were with, and how old you were. I will give you my answers just to help the process along…

Where was I? I was in the garden in the side yard of my mom’s house. Next time was at a high school dance. After that – wherever. Who with? I was with a friend who was 2 years older, and who I kind of idolized a bit at the time, so I thought weed was cool. How old? I was 17 years old.

Now, think about your answers. In my case, the basement of my mom’s house ended up becoming a haven for potheads for about six or seven years after that. I’m sure she was thrilled.

Would I smoke weed with that same friend again now? No. He doesn’t ever smoke weed anymore, instead I made a whole new batch of friends after he quit smoking pot, who still did. My point here is that your pot smoking friends aren’t necessarily your friends without weed in common. In fact, I bet that most of them aren’t.

I’m not trying to oversimplify things here, just making a simple point which I will elaborate on later. And, finally, I was 17 years old, which means that I smoked weed consistently for about 15 years, or until i was 32. I was young and invincible when I started smoking pot, and surrounded myself with like minded individuals who shared my interests: weed&music, weed&movies, weed&camping, weed&surfing, weed&school, weed&partying.

Some key things to consider here are as follows:

Are you in the same place as when you started smoking pot? I doubt it. but, have you continued to seek out similar places in order to maintain the habit? Are those places you want to visit or live? Evaluate your answer and see if your still frequent the same type of places. If the answer is "yes," and you still want to quit weed, then prepare yourself to abandon those frequent haunts, at least for a while.

Where are the people who you first smoked pot with? Take a minute to think about what they are doing. Are any of them still smoking weed every day? I’m sure some from that original group didn’t continue to smoke weed and you’ve probably lost touch with them. Maybe others still smoke weed and you’re still hanging out. Either way it doesn’t matter much. What matters is that you want to quit smoking marijuana because the lifestyle doesn’t work for you. Which means that you need to distance yourself from your partners in crime until you can break your pot habit.

How many years have you spent smoking pot? A few? A lot? Probably if you’re here then the answer is "a lot." My guess is that you’re not a kid anymore. Smoking pot like a chronic is kids stuff in my opinion – being a pothead just isn’t cool when you’re 40 years old and still pretending to be Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemount High. Don’t let any more time slip through your hands. Make the decision to quit smoking weed and follow though by continuing to read. We can teach you tried and true methods on how to quit smoking pot which will make it easier to succeed than flying solo, or quitting cold turkey.

The idea here is to get the wheels turning in your head, not to oversimplify complex behavioral problems. Weed is a social drug, at least in the beginning, and for that reason it can be difficult to distance yourself from unhealthy environments and relationships. For starters, you may have a best friend, or a group of friends, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a roommate, or a parent who smokes weed. These factors make it complicated depending on the individual situation, everyone understands that. However, all these situations share one thing in common: You need to distance yourself (at least to some degree) from them if you want to quit weed… not easy, but necessary.

There’s a common theme here and it is this:

"Avoid people who smoke pot, and places where you know there will be pot smoking until you are confident that you have totally kicked your marijuana habit".

Sound easy? I know first hand that it isn’t. But, you just can’t be around other pot-smokers when you’re quitting weed. Explain to your friends and family why you can’t hang out, and then you can re-evaluate those relationships when you’re no longer a weed smoker. If you absolutely have to be somewhere or around people who smoke weed to accomplish some other task, suggest to people that you do the task first before everyone gets high, so you can leave before the joints get rolled. Pot smokers aren’t inherently evil drug pushers and I’m sure your friends and family will help you out by holding off for a few minutes before "sparking up" until you can escape.

Think about the reasons you started smoking weed and the people who you started with. Then think about the reasons you still smoke weed, and the people you smoke weed with now. Evaluate these relationships and what they mean to you. Decide if you need to discuss your decision to face your "weed addiction" with anyone, and tell your pot buddies that you’ll take a rain check on tomorrow nights "smoke show." You really can top smoking weed now. Not tomorrow. Now.

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